Audit and consulting services

Audit Correct Ltd. was established in 1997 as auditing and consulting company. The company has been successfully working with leading Bulgarian and international companies in strategic industries for over 20 years.

Our Leaders

Rositsa Trichkova, managing partner, CPA and registered auditor №091. She has more than  40 years of experience in accounting, auditing, tax and financial advisory services in both financial and real sectors. She is a distinguished independent consultant, correct auditor, and certified appraiser. Rositsa has been an auditor of leading Bulgarian banks, insurance companies, and financial intermediaries. She was a member of the Managing Board of the Bulgarian ICPA and respected lecturer in IAS, IFRS and ISA, thanks to her 15 years of teaching experience. She is a managing partner of Audit Correct Ltd. Rositsa was the key person in the AQR of International Asset Bank in 2016. She is a member of the Auditing Committee of the Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association.  Rositsa was a World Bank consultant for development of the methodology for regulatory accounting of the electricity distribution companies and water and sewerage companies. She was the author of the rules of procedure for the organization and conducting of Certified Public Accountant examinations.

Stefan Solakov, managing partner, CPA and registered auditor № №668. He has more than 15  years of experience in accounting, auditing, and tax consulting. He is a member of the Bulgarian ICPA. Stefan is managing partner of Rekaunt Finance 2009 Ltd. He is quality assurance manager in Audit Correct. He developed the Quality Assurance policy of the company.


Our main values are:

The office staff is working in the office.

Competitive advantages

Main competitive advantages of Audit Correct are:

  • rendering high-quality integrated professional services in compliance with Bulgarian and international standards
  • extensive product line with strong professional expertise in tax and legal advice, IFRS services
  • impeccable business reputation
  • experience in working with international companies and financial institutions
  • the highest standards in corporate culture, technology, techniques, quality standards and staff compliant with market requirements.

Our philosophy of serving clients

Audit Correct Ltd. management cares deeply about ensuring required and adequate guarantees to our customers.Our Company therefore observes statutory requirements and restrictions laid down by current Bulgarian legislation and International Standards on Auditing, as well as the performance criteria of professional associations and our own corporate standards.The Company also strictly observes professional principles of ethics in its everyday operations.


Audit Correct Ltd. is an independent company. We have adopted instructions and standards ensuring staff independence in delivering our professional services. Our audit and consulting businesses are separated from each other organizationally.

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Integrity, impartiality

Our lack of affiliation guarantees our customers an impartial, unbiased and independent approach when addressing all professional issues, making judgments and reaching conclusions.

Cyber security

Audit Correct Ltd. strictly follows the principle of confidentiality.